Borobos ZL

The easiest way to harvest shrubs and conifers !

The Lauwers BOROBOS gives you many benefits. With this machine you are able to lift all your trees from 30 to 180 cm high in a short time and with a minimum of labour. Two men are capable to harvest all your shrubs and conifers. The unique shaking system is designed to leave the roots free from soil whilst protecting the finest roots from damage. The machine allows row distances up from 25 cm. The elevator for ferro pallets can be put at the left (ZL version), or at the back (AL version).



With this machine, saving time is not the only advantage. Harvesting becomes a lot less labour-intensive because the machine is doing all the hard work for you. All you have to do is to pick the trees at the end of the belts and put them on a pallet. If you want to harvest seedlings, the conveyor belt can be turned to the side so you can grab the plants laying on the conveyor belt.



Thanks to the side-shift you can extend the machine up to 40 cm. This allows the tractor driver to choose the best trace to drive or you can even lift a single row out of a bed.



Perfectly clean roots, free from damage are the result of harvesting with the LAUWERS BOROBOS.