Rose trimming machine

Fast en precise trimming machine for roses and shrubs.

The ROSECUTTER has been designed to trim the roots as well as the branches of rose plants and shrubs in one single operation. On both sides, the machine has a set of hardened rotating blades with a special profile for a nice trimming edge. The distance between the two sets is easily adjustable from 23 to 80 cm ( or even more on special demand). On the right side, there’s place for an operator that puts the plants on the conveyor belts. On the left side, there’s place for two people to cut the side branches.



The speed of the rotating blades is in proportion with the speed of the belts. This ensures that the branches and roots are pulled between the serrated blades. These blades guarantee minimum damage to the plants. Thanks to this machine, saving time is not the only advantage. The machine trims most of the branches so there’ s a lot less manual labour. Only side branches and side roots have to be cut with  hand scissors.



  • The machine can be equipped with a conveyor belt for the trimmed parts. This gives the machine a bigger daily capacity.
  • Inverter for the speed of the belts and the blades, adjustable from 50 to 100%, depending on the number of operators on the machine.