Rasspe nursery tying machine

The universal tying machine for each nursery.

Choosing the RASSPE RS312 is choosing for reliability and quality. It’s approved construction allows you to tie almost anything, anywhere, no matter what conditions. The machine ties roses, shrubs, conifers, trees, etc.

Bundles from 50 to 350 mm are possible with synthetic or sisal twine. The adjustable twine tension makes it possible to choose the right strength for your bundle. Easy operation and  an ergonomic working position keep you going all day long.


The machine can be used on the field

· mounted on the tractor three point linkage and driven by the tractors PTO

· mounted on the lifting machine, driven by a hydraulic motor

or at home, driven by an electric motor mounted on its frame ( 220 mono phase, 3 x 220V or 3 x 380 V)

The rubber wheels (with brakes) make it easy to move the machine around. The large working table allows tying big plants as well. From the smallest seedlings to big fruit trees, the RS 312 ties them all.

Rasspe knotter

The well know Rasspe knotter assures a firm knot and is able to use synthetic twine 600-900 m/kg as well as sisal twine 400-600 m/kg. As it is mounted above the product to be tied, the tying mechanism stays clean from dirt. This guarantees a smooth operation and only minor wear. Except from greasing, the knotting unit is almost maintenance free.

Technical data

· Dimensions: 1330x1160x1900 mm (WxLxH)

· Table dimensions: 865 x 865mm

· PTO speed 200 rpm

· Electric motor 0,37 kW 220/380V

· Suitable for synthetic twine 600-900 m/kg and sisal 400-600 kg/m

· Makes bundles from 50 to 350 mm

· Adjustable twine tension

· Safety clutch for single pass operation

· Weight : ± 220 kg