The best solution for harvesting all your roses !

The RORO roselifter : indispensable for modern rose nurseries !
Using the LAUWERS RORO rose lifter gives you many benefits. With this machine, you can harvest all your roses in a very short time with a minimum of labour.
Three people are able to lift and tie up to 30.000 roses a day.
The unique shaking system is designed to leave the roots totally free from soil whilst protecting the fine roots from damage.



With this machine, saving time is not the only advantage. Harvesting becomes a lot less labour-intensive because the machine is doing all the hard work. All you have to do is sort and tie the roses. This can all be done at the load-bed of the machine. If the machine is equipped with a top cutting knife, the longest branches are cut while being lifted which means that the roses are delivered to the pack-house ready-trimmed. The back frame is available with or without a pallet lift and with optional load beds on the left side or at the back. When the tractor is equiped with a LAUWERS AUTOPLIOT system, a row searcher can be mounted on the machine so there's no need for a tractor driver.



Thanks to the side-shift you can extend the machine by up to 40 cm. This allows you to start harvesting anywhere in the field or row by row.



Top cutting blade

Extra loadbed    

Rasspe tying machine





cuts the longest branches, height adjustable extra load capacity for long rows   for early season lifting