A new way of lifting leek for more output !


By using a new concept, this machine saves a lot of labour. The row finder in front of the lifting arm guides the front wheels of the tractor and the sensors under the leaf dividers controle the hydraulic ram for the depth adjustment, so there's no need for a tractor driver.  The automatic depth adjustment makes sure that the blade in front cuts of the roots while the leek is still standing. The soft and large rubber belts bring the leek between the brushes with rubber peeling fingers to remove the outer leaves. At the end of the belts, the leek is taken by the two rubber disks that turn the leek upsidedown. In this position the leaves are cut by two height adjustable hardened steel disks. The conveyor belts bring the trimmed leek up to 3 or 4 people that ensure the finishing touch.



The LAUWERS Industry harvester has a very light lifting arm because it has no shaking systems. The sidely load is minimal compared with classic harvesters. The horizontal blade that cuts the roots while the leek is still standing in the ground cuts very easy through the formed bed. The bed keeps intact and the big support wheel at the back frame runs on it instead of in a muddy trace caused by the front shaker of a classic harvester.


The sharp hardened blade that cuts the roots is positioned in a way that the sand doesn't get the chance to enter the shaft of the leek. The disk blades that cut the top leaves are adjustable in height by a hydraulic ram. The reliability of the automatic depth contol system ensures that the roots are cut at the same level. Hereby, the outer leaves come of easy and the top leaves are cut at the same lenght. This minimalizes the manual labour to get a high output. Thanks to the autopilot system, that comes standard with the machine, there's no need for a tractor driver. The system follows the row of leek and guides the tractor. This system saves out one person that can help at the back to clean the leek. 2 to 4 people can work on the machine.